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For Faculty – Please review our Academic Misconduct Resource Sheet for Instructors for assistance when you suspect academic misconduct. When you submit an Incident Report, please upload the signed Faculty Disposition for Undergraduate Academic Dishonesty if: you have resolved the matter directly with the student and the student does not dispute the facts upon which the charges are based.


Academic Integrity Flowchart

Academic Misconduct is Suspected

For additional information regarding academic misconduct please reference our Academic Misconduct Resource Sheet for Instructors and the Academic Integrity tab below.  Additionally, the CSC has created an Academic Misconduct Email Template for Instructors to access and utilize if they suspect a student of misconduct.

  • Instructor meets with student(s)
    • Student(s) assumes responsibility & signs Faculty Disposition Form, or
    • Student(s) does not assume responsibility & does not sign Faculty Disposition Form. Instructor still suspects AI violation occurred.
  • Or Instructor does not meet with student(s)

Instructor/Reporting Party submits the completed incident report* to Center for Student Conduct within 60 days** along with:

  • Faculty Disposition Form
  • Course syllabus
  • The original version of the work in question with notes as applicable (e.g., blue book, test/quiz, paper, etc.)
  • Correspondence with the student(s)
  • Other important documentation (e.g., sources work plagiarized from, online resources, other students’ work)

Instructor consults with college/department on procedures resolving course grade.

Student Conduct investigation process begins.

* Information submitted: When filing a report, dates, times, witnesses and details of the incident(s) of disruption, and the impact of the disruption on those present are critical. Faculty, instructors and/or non-student reporting parties should be aware that the incident report and notes become part of the student record and the student has the right to see this documentation, including the name of the person who wrote the report; therefore, it is imperative to provide factual and appropriate information. In cases where the faculty, instructor or staff member is not sure about filing a complaint, or information to include, contact the Center for Student Conduct to discuss the student conduct process and available options.

** The term “day” is defined in the Code of Student Conduct, as a full business day and does not include Saturdays, Sundays, legal holidays or University designated administrative holidays.